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Globalization is developing at a high speed. The inequality between material life and spiritual development is gradually escalating. In the era of new retail mode, the consumption that follows our hearts becomes a new standard for commercial competition, aesthetic orientation is thus redefined. Stand on ourselves and get rid of the general trend, the real omamentalism is actually a rational selection between material and craft.


规格 specs



Concrete, Ceramic Waste Aggregates

Weight 3kg



0.09 m2 /pcs, 11.1pcs/ m2

Grey White / Grey / Dark Grey




One tile with two different layer gradations: gentle slope and sharp fall, visually reducing the thickness of concrete.

The square pattern shapes like the window in geometric way, unexpectedly bringing out the simplicity and chic of Chinese traditional pattern.


When decorated with wall lamp or hangers for daily use, the plane lines of tiles appear in a stereoscopic continuity.

When the graphic open in the same direction, the limited visual distance within the space is extended.

When open in the opposite direction, boundaries between tiles become blurred, extending the areal sense of the wall.

When used on the facade, the clean concrete surface stands out in the complex street view.

Project: jpg, Guangzhou, China

Project information:Coffee shop

Interior design: Infinity Mind

Photograph: Bentu 


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