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The simpler the geometry is, the more primitive imprints can be found in its nature, as it was derived from nature's eons of practical experience. Breaking up, reorganizing, arranging, reconstructing, human beings create everyday in geometric form. No need to create a legend, all you need to do for creation is to resist impetuosity and discover truth.



Concrete, Demolition Leftover Concrete

Weight kg




Grey / Grey White

0.72 m² / pcs,1.38 pcs / m²




dimensions in grey

We provid two kinds of tiles colour, grey or grey white. And the tiles surface is naturally interspersed with fine pores.


The tile ensures high strength and bends resistance even with the thickness of 13mm. Compared with common concrete boards, the tile is thin and light, which makes it more convenient for transportation. This superiority not only reduces the logistics cost, but also facilitates installation.



The rounded and fine fringe pattern makes the wall solid and clear at close view, and the lines are empty and nearly flat at a distance.



direction of line

Vertical flow of texture enhances the spatial depth.


When the texture flows horizontally, it creates a stable and gentle interior atmosphere.


When the texture is interlaced, it breaks the dreary rules.







Project: Chuan's Kitchen, Foshan, China

Project information: Szechuan Restaurant

Interior design: Infinity Nide

Photograph: Bentu 



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