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When virtual signals break out with tremendous force, human lives a life under multitude illusions and the thirst for truth is day-by-day growing. In the architectural aspect, this perception of truth is directly reflected in the re-cognition of material. The pursue for the nature of material has returned. Concrete, of its genuine and natural character, blends into one harmonious whole with architecture from building surface to lighting.





Cement Series / Concrete, Demolition Leftover Concrete
Terrazzo Series / Concrete, Leftover Stone Aggregate, Ceramic Waste Aggregate

Weight kg

Cement S 0.67 / L 1.36

Terrazzo S 0.67 / L 1.45

Light Source


Ingress Protection








Project name: inWE Tea

Interior design: DPD Consultant

Project address: Westgate Mall Shanghai

Photographer: Daqi Cheung @MeeCaphotography



Project name: Sexy Salad

Interior design: STUDIO ADJECTIVE

Project address:  Mixc World, Shenzhen

Photograph: the shop_high

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