Nongzao·Rediscovering locates in a community in the core business district of Guangzhou, in the form of a curatorial retailing. It proposes an innovative business model, which combines experiential retail with spatial narratives, through thematic exhibition. It aims to bridge the gap between the nature, the world, and the people, creating a contemporary cultural landmark for youth.

The spatial design is stemming from the recycled material practice and site specific color contrast. It reveals the original structural texture by demolishing the outermost layer of ornament.

The flowy-colored glass creates surreal sight collages with the mottled facade. The volume of the coffee bar wrapped by recycled aluminum plate forming a fold-back streamline spatial journey. 

The blue recycled foam and the recycle construction waste bench make up the tone of gathering sitting area.

The coexistence of dilapidation and vogue creates a sense of futuristic manifesto through the sustainable design method, which implements the brand’s persistent pursuit of nature.

The future of mankind is based on ecological nature. Advocating sustainable behavior is a meaningful discussion for the contemporary business.

Project Name:Nongzao·Rediscovering
Client: Guangzhou Liuyun Restaurant Co., Ltd.
Project Location: 102, No. 33, Liuyun Second Street, Tiyu East Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Element: Curatorial retail
Building Area: 80㎡
Design Brand: Infinity Mind
Construction team: Shanghai Yuanhe Construction Co Ltd.
Design Period: September, 2019
Construction Period: October-November, 2019
Furniture Design: Infinity Mind, BENTU
Material Supply: BENTU
Photograph: CAO Haochang
Text: LIU Jiaqi
Translation: TAN Yatu


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