BENTU展讯 | 设计上海:建筑内外

BENTU: Inside and Outside of Architecture


On March 14 - 17, BENTU will participate in Design Shanghai 2018 with brand new concrete products displayed in Shanghai Exhibition Centre, including urban furniture, outdoor lighting, bathroom accessories and plant pots. Taking concrete as material carrier, we seek to explore the aesthetic possibilityinside and outside of architecture. This March, we look forward to seeing you in Shanghai.


Once an architecture is built up, then the inside and outside of which are naturally form. Between inside and outside is the symbiosis of authenticity and grandeur and the interdependence of material and space, constituting the constant cycle of all things. Concrete, a common material, structurally connects the inside and outside of architecture, as a result, the unity of aesthetics and everyday completes in the connection with authenticity.


Outdoor Collection

We've done many different experiments for urban furniture system as concrete, originally the building material, can't be more suitable for urban public space. Not only the outstanding plasticity and durability concrete maintains, but also the character of simpleness and nature that blends concrete into one harmonious whole with architecture and landscape.

 Concrete Urban Furniture, 3-Meters Ping Pong Table ZHONG


Concrete Urban Furniture, Side Table JIONG

Concrete Outdoor Lighting, PING

Concrete Outdoor Lighting, FRAME

Concrete Outdoor Lighting, CUBE

Concrete Outdoor Plantpot, YUAN Series

 Bathroom Accessories

After gradually overcoming the long-term discussed problem of efflorescence, we bring concrete back indoors, even the bathroom space, satisfying the functional need while bringing along new aesthetic experience to daily life

Bentu Surface

 Bentu Surface grew out of the crossover experiments designed and performed by concrete design brand BENTU. With the curiosity towards the world and the equal care for all—all the raw materials, techniques and cultures that make up things, a group of people who fiddle with concrete would like to redefine the value of building materials upon living space.

In March, Bentu Surface will present 2018 new-released products in Design Shanghai 2018.

Ceramics Waste Aggregates Recycle Experiment: Shadow, Red Dot 2018: Best of the Best

Concrete Decoration Wall Tiles, TIAO

Concrete Decoration Wall Tiles, AO

Concrete Decoration Wall Tiles, SAN S/M