BENTU×BUZAO | 获意大利 A' 国际设计竞赛一金一银

This year, Bentu won the Silver A' Design Award for "Building Materials, Construction Components, Structures & Systems Design Category" with Shadow decorative wall tile, and experimental brand Buzao won the Golden A' Design Award for "Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Category" with Qie lava stone pendant lamp.

This is the second time for Shadow wall tile to be recognized by the world-known design competition since being awarded "Red Dot: Best of the Best" among the category of "Materials and Surfaces" in 2017. As for the new brand began in 2017, the Golden A' Design Award has brought the Buzao to the fore on the world stage.

A' Design Award & Compitition .The world' s largest and most diffused international design awards.

"Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design" and "Building Materials, Construction Components, Structures & Systems Design" are included in The Top A' Design Award Categories, which are relatively more competitive than other categories due to higher number of participants; these design competition categories are therefore harder to win due to high level of competition among talents, the rate of winning the Golden A' Design Award is only 2% of all the participants.

Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Category / Gold
Pendant Lamp / Qie


Lava stone is formed by cooling and solidification after magma invasion or eruption. In Qiongbei area of Hainan Province, where locates the volcanic islands, the ancestors of the local adapted themselves in Qiongbei area by using the volcanic rocks within reach to built up villages and tools of production or labor. As times gone by, volcanic rock has become more than aesthetic and functional daily use, but a kind of story-telling material of culture, customs and folk beliefs.


When being used in building and ornament industry, the industrial manufacture continuously erodes the non-renewable material value and humanistic value of volcanic stone. Buzao reuses the leftover material and off-cut produced during processing into product design with a sustainable idea, exploring the future possibility in the anxious contradiction between resources and industry, tradition and development.

The natural texture on volcanic rock is a great decoration when accompanied with polished metal surface. Original and random natural atmosphere and the standardization of industrial production match with each other naturally to give the industrial age of life a touch of warmth.

Building Materials, Construction Components, Structures & Systems Design / Silver
Decorative Wall Tile / Shadow
The Shadow wall tile has applied an integrated design and was molded in a whole. The cement which made it up was aggregated with ceramic that contributed to 50% of weight in the material, resulted in a brilliant efficiency of recycling wasted materials. It will be an action to deal with the increasingly serious excess capacity in the process of ceramic industry even social development.
Learning from the principle of light and shadow imaging with incredible formability of cement, this design stayed in a planar form but presented different shades of shadow with grooves of different depths. The Shadow wall tiles actively challenge the perception, as they keep changing to astounding effect depending on the viewing angle. They continuously evoke new images that gradually intensify in their visual expressivity. The innovative design concept adds new visual aspects and applications to the familiar contemporary forms of tiles.