BENTU Product | Cube outdoor light

I · Volume Series I


The combination of line and plane of stable order reveals purism, rationality. Cube can be considered the smallest unit of architecture as well as the physical form to accommodate rich contents. Utilizing the basic cube of  concrete as an outdoor lighting, we seek to connect the architectures with outdoor scenery and philosophize the nature of freedom under the guidance of light and shadow.



Cube Floor Lighting


Cement, Demolition Leftover Concrete

Size mm

S Ø120x120x250

M Ø120x120x350

L Ø120x120x600

Weight kg

S 5.5 / M 7.6 / L 12.9

Light Source

E27 3W

Ingress Protection






Pure geometry gives way to the original texture of concrete and fades away in natural beauty.

as the combination of Ultra high performance concrete and recycled and recyled leftover concrete ,cube binds up human with nature and records the patten of darkness,no matter in wild nature or unpredictable weather,whever and whever. 




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