BENTU Product | Yu floor Light ( working with solor energy)


YU: the Chinese character 昱 means the next day, it can refers to the future. It also have the meaning of light and bright.  With the succinct design, the neat and delicate lines and the cold feeling from concrete, YU floor lamp like a bodyguard of your garden. Working with a warm light, it become more soft.




Each part of the lamp body is casting of ultra-high-performance concrete and integrally demoulded. It has extremely high strength, fire resistance, explosion resistance, and corrosion resistance; the waterproof level reaches IP65. it's excellent durability and water resistance make the lamp maintain good performance in complex environments such as wet and cold outdoor area, seaside, forest, etc. The concrete aggregate contains 50% of construction recycling waste, which able to achieves design and environmental protection.


The angle of the lamp head can be adjusted up and down by 180 ° to adapt to users' habits. At the same time, adjusting the angle also help to catch and absorb sunlight and store energy. The lamp head is embedded with aluminum plate to improve the durability of the top. Users can boldly adjust the lamp head without worrying about causing damage to the lamp.




There is an aluminum tube embedded inside the lamp pole to ensure the supporting force and strength, making the lamp body tough and upright. It is still strong even when it is impact. The solid cast base guarantees the stability and safety of the lamp body and prevents the danger of falling to a certain extent.


Different from the ordinary solar lamps which are exposed by solar panels, YU's solar energy storage panel is hidden at the top, integrated with the shape of the whole lamp and made the design perfectly expressed. The simple cement gray can be used in harmony with various spaces and is also very suitable for family courtyard use.


The built-in chip has an energy-saving mode, using a solar panel that consider both direct and weak sunlight, working with large-capacity battery, to obtain sufficient power during idle periods to correspond to continuous weak light weather like rainy or cloudy weather. The 15600mAH large-capacity battery can support at least 24 hours of continuous lighting, but it should be noted that the brightness will be weakened according to the power loss.


By turning the round button on the side, you can control the switch and adjust the brightness. Users can adjust the brightness according to their needs to create a suitable luminous atmosphere.

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